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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blindly Going Where I've Never Gone Before

You know how you feel when you're moving? You look at all of your stuff, books, and dishes, and clothes, and wonder how it's all going to fit into cardboard boxes and get into the moving truck and walk up the stairs into your new place and organize itself onto the new shelves and cupboards. And every once in a while you close your eyes and wish the moving fairies would come and take it all away, and reassemble it in its new location. But you open your eyes and it's still all there.

This is how I feel about the next steps in getting the book done. I don't know where to start. I keep closing my eyes and hoping the writing fairies will come and edit/revise my book, find me a really awesome agent and a brilliant editor and a fantastic publisher, and that one day, today hopefully, I'll open up the mailbox and pull out a hardcover copy of my book with a handwritten post it on the front of it that says, "Congratulations, Kimber! Look for it in bookstores everywhere!"

Sigh. We all have our little fantasies.

I'm trying to do just three things a day... three things to take me a few steps closer. If I contemplate for a moment the enormity of it, well, I feel like crawling onto the couch, huddling under a blanket, and watching reruns of Grey's Anatomy and playing Boggle on my laptop. Sad. Overwhelmed.

The bad news: Hunkering down with trash TV does not count as one of the three things I must do every day. This is unfortunate. The computer is warm and comforting. Like a hot water bottle for my lap.

Three things a day. You could eventually pack everything in your house by tucking just three things into a box everyday. Right? One step at a time.

The problem is that I don't know what the steps are. So the metaphor is more, a blind person packing up everything in their house to move, not really sure where the box is, and what needs to go in it. Yep, that's how I feel. Sounds like I'm going to need some help. And lots of patience. And a plan.

I declare this week Plan Week. The Book: Phase 2. Here we go!